Remember to Pack Interdental Cleaners for Family Members With Traditional Braces

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Traditional braces provide a dynamic system of components capable of gradually altering the orientation and alignment of teeth. The brackets, bands and other hardware elements also create contours and textured areas in the mouth that can potentially trap plaque deposits and residual food material.

If you or a member of your family has traditional braces, our Orthodontist might recommend using some special interdental cleaners to release bacterial deposits from teeth and braces before they can contribute to problems with tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Interproximal brushes are inexpensive and can help clear away trapped deposits after brushing. Some patients find them convenient for working the strand of dental floss in place. An oral water flosser device can also help clear away food material, while helping to comfortably clean along the gumline.

The wires of traditional braces can sometimes make it difficult to floss the gumline, which can be particularly challenging with the molars and premolars toward the back of the mouth. To address an issue like this Dr. Darryl Zeleniak might recommend using a floss threader to carefully insert the strand of dental floss under the braces wire.

When traveling it’s a good idea to pack these special interdental cleaners with the rest of your luggage. Even a day or two of poor oral hygiene can lead to persistent problems with bad breath, as well as possible gum inflammation issues. Keeping them in your toiletry kit or packing them in a side bag will allow the person with braces to maintain a healthy mouth throughout your trip.

If a member of your family is struggling to maintain good oral hygiene habits, you can always call 207-626-3550 to set up a consultation appointment at Augusta Orthodontics in Augusta, Maine.