The Basic Makeup of Braces

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Do you wonder what braces are made of and how they work? Braces come with a few different components, and all of them work toward correcting malocclusions, or bad bites, and realigning your teeth so you can improve the look and function of your smile.

The brackets are probably the first thing you think of when braces are brought up. They are the square parts that go on each tooth. They are what hold the teeth so they can be drawn into alignment, but they need the help of the other components in order to do this.

The next major part is the archwire. This is threaded through all the brackets. It is shaped like an arch so it can encompass your smile and make sure all your teeth are attended to. This wire is what moves the brackets, which then carefully nudge your teeth into alignment.

Various rubber bands help bind everything together and make sure your smile and bite are adjusted correctly. There are the ligatures, which hold the brackets and archwire together, and the interarch rubber bands, which may be used to attach the brackets on your top teeth to the brackets on your bottom teeth. The reason for this is to make sure your upper and lower jaw align and match up with each other when the process is done.

All of these components use a constant and careful pull on your teeth and jaws to gradually bring them into a more perfect alignment. Our Orthodontist, Dr. Darryl Zeleniak, monitors the braces and periodically adjusts them so you can reach your goal of getting your best smile.

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